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2023 Bible Chronicles By Month

Posts discussing biblical history, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) the spiritual enlightenment of A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

December 2023

New Years Message

Let us take time to remember that God does inhabit our lives to the extent we remember to move about in kindness and compassion.
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Compassion, Oneness and Empathy

So many of us are heart sick and deeply anxious on this war-torn, pandemic-stricken, unrelenting-climate-emergency planet today.
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The Word Of God

In our contemporary society, the Word of God means one of two things.
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Biblical Literalism

Unfortunately, biblical literalism and the misuse of the Bible apply biblical words of Spirit to the egoic perceptions of the world of Form.
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November 2023

Control Versus Acceptance, Care, Love

Exploring four characteristics of acceptance and love versus control. Personal transformation is real. In recognition of feeling acceptance or love, there is a degree of transformation that occurs
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Holiday Message

As we enjoy the holidays, we may be yearning for a deeper experience in our celebrations.
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3 Necessary Questions For People Reading The Bible

Many of the Bible’s writers edited existing, original material or wrote under the name of a familiar author.
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Bible Wisdom

I believe biblical wisdom and truth do help me actually live a fuller day-to-day life, but I also do not read or interpret the Bible literally.
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October 2023

Three Quotes

These quotes point out the times today.
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Principle – Reframing My Story

We all have “our” story. Most of us don’t know exactly how it came about, but come about it did.
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I Am Always The Common Denominator Of My Life

If you only knew what you were doing to me. If you loved me you wouldn't act this way. Don't you care about me? You are making my life miserable. Sound familiar?
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Bible and A Course in Miracles

The Bible and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) are among the most influential and widely-read spiritual texts in the USA. Although they have many differences, there are similarities between these two works.
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September 2023

Take The Bible To Heart

The key is that God is present in thought and prayer to invoke His presence.
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Not A Doctrine But A Living Course

The Bible is not a doctrine but a living course of how to cultivate life.
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Only Willingness Is Required

I was obsessed with being willing to be an instrument of God as I understood God.
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Be Kindness

I stress in my book the biblical significance of being in the Now.
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August 2023

Knowing The Bible Or Living The Teachings

In our contemporary society, the Word of God means one of two things.
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Is Religion A Path To Eternal Life?

I believe that through a combination of one's actions, which is a metamorphosis of one's beliefs, there is a path to eternal life.
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Study Tool: A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

The Course is not a religion, but rather an approach to spiritual growth and understanding that can be applied to any religious background or belief system.
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The Bible As A Spiritual Text

The Bible does not refer to itself as the Bible. The term 'Bible' was a later application to the collective works of the Old and New Testaments. I believe the three main reasons people insist on interpreting the Bible literally are not based on common sense.
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Who Is Reading The Bible

The real concerns over understanding the principles of biblical interpretation are demonstrated in society today. On any given day, evangelical Christians in the U.S. are twice as likely to open Facebook as their Bible, according to Lifeway Research.
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Last Four Blog Posts

Benefits Of This Book

This book is of much value to the serious student of Holy Scripture. It will enable the reader to view the Holy Scriptures in the context in which the books were written and arranged. It provides excellent historical background and Don's personal reflections effectively enhance his message with a glimpse of how the Holy Scripture has been integrated into his own life. Don has taken some very technical subjects and made them understandable to the average reader. Embracing and understanding message contained in HOW THE BIBLE BECAME THE BIBLE potentially forms a bridge of understanding between various faiths within the three great Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and other religions as well. It can break down barriers that need not exist and shed light on the source texts that bring peace, understanding, enlightenment, and freedom. … I am glad to have a copy of HOW THE BIBLE BECAME THE BIBLE in my library.

How The Bible Became The Bible

An overarching history of how the Bible developed, with practical wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and integrating spiritual enlightenment of A Course in Miracles (ACIM).