2nd Edition, Revised Material

A Book Of Bible History

A Call For Honest Spirituality Rather Than Guilt-Laced Religiosity

A Book Of Bible History, Spiritual Development, & A Congregation Tool

“How the Bible became the Bible,”
Donald L. O’Dell
2md Edition, 2020

The author's focus is connecting with individuals, groups and churches to bring a voice to clear spiritual thinking about the Bible – both what it is and what it isn’t.

This book is a call for honest spirituality rather than guilt-laced religiosity. In short, that’s what the book is really all about – telling the story of how the religious and the spiritual have been at odds throughout the history of the development of the Bible, as well as in the selection of materials to include and/or exclude in the Bible.

The book was awarded the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award for Non-Fiction.

The Story Behind the Bible .....

All forms of wisdom dictate we are to be clear and balanced in our thinking. It is just as unbalanced to believe the Bible is only myth, metaphor, or distorted history, as it is to believe each word must be interpreted literally. Clear spiritual thinking requires an understanding of what the Bible is – and isn’t.

So, how did this collection of laws, songs, poems, narratives, and letters get declared sacred and called the Holy Bible?

In an easy-to-read format, the author makes the case that people desire to know their religion is right, which increases a sense of control, quells doubt, and is fear-based. This inclination had its beginnings in the Old Testament, led to abuses in Israel’s Temple-State system, and influenced the documents that were eventually included and excluded from the New Testament. These fear-based beliefs are alive and well today.

Understand how and why this occurred – Understand the original messages of the prophets and Jesus – Decide what makes sense for you – Become clear and balanced.

How The Bible Became The Bible

An overarching history of how the Bible developed, with practical wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and integrating spiritual enlightenment of A Course in Miracles (ACIM).