How the Bible became the Bible by Donald L. Odell
How the Bible became the Bible by Donald L. Odell
  • "....provides excellent historical background as well as the author's personal history, which enhances his message by providing a glimpse of how the Holy Scripture can really be used." Lee Carroll, author of "Indigo Children" and many "Kyron" books
  • "I just forwarded to friends Balboa's Introduction to your 2nd Edition. Actually Don, I really think this 2nd Edition could not be more timely. I sincerely think there are more people receptive to opening their minds about their programming of religion or the Bible than ever before...." Pat W., (North Carolina)
  • ".... a refreshing synthesis of scholarship and deep personal reflection. Don O’Dell invites us to enter the experience of biblical personalities and groups, and to feel their struggles to find elusive spiritual coherence within their perception of events...." Dr. Jim Nourse, Ph.D., psychologist, acupuncturist and author of Simple Spirituality: Finding Your Own Way, and Opening the Aloha Mind: Healing Self, Healing the World with Ho’oponopono
  • "This highly readable book takes a conversational tone when, for instance, in Chapter 6 (The Time of Jesus), the author gently transitions us from the Old to the New Testament." New Age Retailer
  • "This book is of much value to the serious student of Holy Scripture. It will enable the reader to view the Holy Scriptures in the context in which the books were written and arranged." James J. DeFrancisco, PhD. Miltha Ministries, Mishawaka, Indiana
  • "....provides excellent historical background as well as the author's personal history, which enhances his message by providing a glimpse of how the Holy Scripture can really be used." Lee Carroll, author of "Indigo Children" and many "Kyron" books

2nd Edition, Revised Material

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