2nd Edition, Revised Material

Move Life Forward: Forgive And Forget

“A problem that had always bothered me was how to forgive someone AND forget.”
~ Donald L. O’Dell

To move forward in life requires the ability to forgive and forget.

This is an all or nothing scenario.

“Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God’s forgiveness by extending it to others.”
~ ACIM 21:1-2 | T-1.I.21:1-2

To move forward in life requires the ability to forgive and forget. This is an all or nothing scenario.

Plain and simple, many folks just will not forget.

This is where the three components come in to play that I take about a few weeks ago.

You have to recognize the emotion or thought that arises, which is the one that triggers the “experience you want to forget” and then very quickly replace that with something pleasant.

To be successful you must have you list of replacements ready.

This is easy, just pick two or three events or situations or experiences - ALL OF WHICH ARE NOT RELATED TO WHAT IS TO BE FORGOTTEN - to insert when on of this triggers appears - a thought or emotion you want to forget.

In relationships its crucial to have this ability to forget. Otherwise the same ole stuff is just carried boring curing inner/emotional/mental havoc.

Developing this skill to forget is an advanced topic. You become the conscious driver of your experience. This is noting going to happen over night but with diligent practice you will achieved success.

There is no need for sin or fear in this exercise.

Life is about moving forward in an intelligent and heartfelt manner.

There are zero advantages to raking the mud of past actions and endeavors. Organized religion would like to make you think you have to repent - to them - and account for ungodly actions. That is the path that keeps you in the dark and in the control of this processes.

You are a spiritual Christian living in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit desires that you move forward.

Blessings, Don
February 22, 2024

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